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We regret that we cannot assure you that you will be contacted personally while your application is pending with us. We are a volunteer organization that cannot provide the level of customer support you might expect from an organization with lots of resources. We receive thousands of applications per year, and cannot respond to all of them. Please be assured that we will contact you if and when we have checked the application data base and found you to be the person most qualified to adopt a particular Bulldog.
We cannot predict how long your waiting time may be to adopt a rescued Bulldog. There are too many factors to consider, such as how well-suited the Bulldog may be for you and where you and the Bulldog are located. We do not know in advance what Bulldogs we may be receiving or what their adoption requirements may be.
If you are not able to adopt from us in the next few months, please do not decide to buy a Bulldog puppy from a pet store or puppy mill. If you do want to buy a Bulldog puppy, please use the Bulldog Club of America Breeder Referral Service.

If this is an emergency and you need to surrender a bulldog, please call 631.689.6245 or email

Or you can reach us at our mailing address:
PO Box 239
Stony Brook NY 11790

If you would like to know how you can help Long Island Bulldog Rescue, please visit our How You Can Help page.

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