In memory of the beloved bulldogs that left us in 2011

We were delighted to adopt Bailey (formerly “Snowflake” of NY), pictured above, from the LIBR in January of 2010. In her new home in CT, Bailey “bulldozed” her way into the hearts of everyone she met. She filled our home with all kinds of noises and antics, making us laugh and love her more every day. Sadly, in December of 2011, we lost Bailey to complications from lymphoma. We miss her very much, but feel blessed to have had her. Of all the lessons Bailey taught us, it’s best we remember how excited she was to greet us each day, bringing us whatever “gift” (ball, toy, etc.) she could find, and how faithful she was to follow us everywhere. May we be equally generous with our time—loving, devoted, and faithful to those we meet and to God who created each of us. Thanks and love to our little doggy.
We woof you, Bail ~ Heather & Tony


George came into our lives in February of 2009, we were heartbroken over the loss of our first Bulldog Sonny. We swore to NEVER get another dog when Sonny went at the age of 9 but within days I was on the Long Island Bull Dog Rescue site pouring my heart out in an adoption application. Laurette introduced George to us due to the fact that he was best placed with a family experienced with Bulldog handling. We instantly fell in love, adopted him and brought him to his new home. George quickly endeared himself to my family and friends. He was a gentleman but didn’t like people with work boots coming into the house too quickly. Yes he Snored, Farted, Sneezed and Burped, but that’s what made him so loveable. He loved to accompany me to the Firehouse and he knew where the goodies where stored. You could not open a bag of cold cuts in the house without George come running for his fair share. He would taunt you with his toy by lumbering over to the couch or chair—growling and snorting—thrust the toy beside you and wait for you to throw it. George died on Thursday August 25th 2011 at the approximate age of 4.5. Once again there is a gaping hole in our hearts!! “Go look in your bowl Georgie”. The Rizzuti Family