In memory of the beloved bulldogs that left us in 2006

It was December 17, 2006 that we lost our adorable baby girl due to an accident. Even though she was only three years old, it was her time. It is said that a little boy or girl in heaven needs her right now. We miss her very much, and wish that we could see her again. We have buried Rosie in our backyard, as well as our hearts. We visit her every day, and we all can say that we enjoy talking to her. We know for a fact that she misses us too, but when it’s our time, we will all get to see our beloved baby girl again. She was the neighborhood mascot, and all the kids would run to our porch on their way back from school to go visit Rosie who would let herself out knowing that the kids would soon be there. She would flip herself over for all the kids to rub her tummy. She loved that! She also used to bark at her own reflection. This baby had the funniest bark or gargle. What we mean by gargle is that when she would bark, it would sound like she was gargling. We miss her so much, and one day we will reunite and live the rest of our lives together. Until then, she will remain in our thoughts all the time, and we will at least have our memories. I can say that Rosie is the best thing that ever happened to me. Nothing and no one can replace our Rosie. May she be in our thoughts forever. We love you Rosie!