January 2006 – September 2015

He was the best. Stubborn, sloppy, strong, slow and with the loudest and deepest snores you ever heard. He reminded us each day to stop, watch, listen and love.

With the physique of a linebacker, he rarely ran or barked. He believed walks were for sitting and sunbeams for sleeping. In the summer, he would sit for hours in the warmth of the sun waiting for the tomatoes to ripen or for cold water from the garden hose. In the winter, he sat by the fireplace and gnawed on his never-ending supply of tennis balls. He had the biggest, most forgiving and loving heart.

Maxwell Smart, our incredibly handsome English Bulldog, thank you for being part of our family for the past ten years.

“How lucky we are to have known you – that makes saying goodbye so hard” RIP Maxwell Smart

Love – Patrick, Pam and Geena Denny