Mattie is on crate rest, tough for such a young girl. She is getting more confident, and has discovered toys, all of which she keeps in her crate. She is gentle with her toys and cuddles up to them. I am pretty sure she was hit as she hunkers down at the site of a broom. Mattie is friendly to everyone, and she and Ramona are getting along just fine, despite the fact that Mattie took Ramona’s kong…and her special spaceship toy. You can see in the picture of Mattie lying in the sun that she has filled out a bit. You can see where her front leg is broken just above the elbow joint, she does still have mobility but limps on her front leg, and the back one with the torn ligaments. Everyone loves her, she gets many visitors, Pictures here show her with our volunteer Annie, and my Dad.











Mattie eats like she is having her last meal…due to her being left in the empty house with random feeding. Big thanks to Kathy and her customers at the “Animal House ” in East Rockaway NY for keeping  Mattie’s bowl full with donated food!







There is a lot of resting going on around here…not the most fun for a pup like Mattie. She loves to sit in the yard and watch the birds, I have to be careful as sometimes she wants to fly off after them. Mattie is very smart and trainable, but she is extremely curious, and has a typical Bulldog independant streak. Comparing pictures from when she first arrived to the most recent, I realize that she has grown, as well as filled out.


HOORAY!!! Mattie is now using her leg more than not!!!!!




…not a happy camper right now, but she has done very well through her procedure.


Mattie has had her ups and downs, and still has trouble with her back leg. She is a very special girl who is extra gentle with seniors and children and will be starting training to be a therapy dog.