My name is Gordo and I am a 7 month old English Bulldog puppy. I am a victim of Breeding for Profit. It is very difficult for me to breathe because I was bred poorly and suffer from an elongated palate and hypoplastic trachea. My breathing is laboured, noisy, and I cough often and sometimes throw up my food and water. I have aspirated and had pneumonia several times already. My only chance at a normal life is to have surgery on my throat. I also have a cherry eye, and deformed paws and hip dysplasia. Long Island Bulldog Rescue has placed me with a foster family while they help to raise funds to cover the costs of my multiple surgeries. Please consider making a donation in my behalf. Help share my story.. do not buy puppies from internet websites or puppy stores. There are many people out there who abuse innocent animals just to fill their pockets. Help stop the cycle! My foster mom says I’m brave and I got Bulldog spirit! I want to feel better and help to spread the word so others can be saved.


Breathe easy, bright spirit. Tonight our little Gordo lost his battle with pneumonia. His heart just gave out. Weakened by fighting chronic pneumonia, his little body could not keep up the fight. He was loved by so many in his short life, and touched so many hearts, we have to keep fighting against the puppy mills that created his suffering, in his name. Gordo was given every chance, by you, the people that prayed for him and donated to his care, by the Dr.’s and Staff at LIVS, by LIBR, and by his own amazing, strong, happy spirit. His body was just too tired. We are heartbroken.
Remember that what was learned about widening his trachea will help other dogs.