In memory of the beloved bulldogs that left us in 2008


Our boy Dash lost his fight for his life  on 12/01/08. Dash and the people who loved him tried very hard to overcome the effects of careless breeding and the wrong treatment. The most heartbreaking thing is how good a boy he was.

We will never forget him.

Dash’s foster mom wrote…

I have tried to figure out why anyone would name a Dog “Dash” I received an E-mail today and it got me thinking. A Dash is a Line used to separate words on a page. It’s dates Born-Died on a Memorial. With that said..all the sadness and Joy that I see in Rescue throughout the years,- It’s Given me Pause. I have Pondered on Dash’s name. My heartfelt thoughts are this; it doesn’t matter when one is born or when one dies. What matters is the ..DASH. It’s the time spent that matters most. It is the Life one lives the Love one gives and gets. It’s the memories made between the beginning and the end. It’s truly the “Dash” that matters. We too have our Dash. It’s the Memories we make, the lives we touch. It’s the chance we are all given to make a Difference in this world, no matter how small. I think I will now pay more mind to my own Dash. I just looked in on our latest Rescue, Dash. I now know why he has that name. He has been given a Life and for him it has not been easy. But he is with LIB Rescue now. Many people have seen him suffer…yet he has never complained, never been difficult as I wash his painful scabbed body. He takes his medication, he is so very sick, yet he tries to wag his tush when he sees me. I know how it must hurt…with all he has and is still enduring. This Is his “Dash”. I know in my heart that he will get better. Dash will have his own Loving Family. He will run, play with his Toys and this terrible time will be but a memory. I believe with a full heart that anyone who has met Dash will never be the same. I only wish I possessed his Courage and Dignity. I feel Blessed to be trusted with his care. So let’s everyone remember to DASH thru life and leave Foot prints and paw Prints behind. It’s not when you arrive, nor when you leave…It’s Your DASH!    Debbey


This is Floyd, our volunteer Annie’s first dog. He passed away in her arms 9/6/08. He was 14, he was deeply loved.