In memory of the beloved bulldogs that left us in 2005


This is Mr. Magoo, my dear friend. He was ten years old when he passed on on November 9th , 2005. My heart still misses him. Everyone in the neighborhood knew Mr. Magoo. He would sit outside like a statue. He loved the sun, even though they usually don’t like the heat. He’d be right by the door. I love you & miss you Mr. Magoo. so does Petunia, your “better ” half. Love, your family, the Meoni’s



Butch was adopted through LIBR in July of 2000 – sadly, we only had five years with him. He was my BEST friend and taught me how to *really* love a dog. I will always be grateful for the time we spent together.

“May you rest in peace—until we meet again.” XOXOX Mommy